August 4, 2021

€2 million Creative Climate Action Fund confirmed by Irish Ministers

Climate Action in Ireland

The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media partnered with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communication have confirmed the recipients of the €2 million Creative Climate Action fund. The initiative in Ireland supports creative, cultural and artistic projects that develop awareness concerning climate change and help people make impactful and meaningful changes. 

Catherine Martin, the Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, explained that the creative community plays a vital part in driving the importance of climate change forward. Martin explains that the creative climate fund takes an innovative and creative approach toward community engagement, supported by science and insight that shows a sustainable future is achievable.

Eamon Ryan, the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, believes that tackling climate change is a major cultural challenge and highlights that culture shapes how we interconnect with our environment, how we consume resources, our concept of nature and our values. 

Ryan suggests that recent discussions with communities while working on the climate action plan have shown that people want support and inspiration to make the necessary changes. Ryan believes the projects receiving support will drive creativity and allow people to gain a deeper understanding of what climate action means.

A total of 14 projects across Ireland were selected. They include:

Field Exchange: a series of farm-focused creative events supporting farming techniques and tackle climate change in and above the soil.

The Repair Acts Ireland – a targeted project to focus on the care, repair and reuse of objects in Westmeath.

Corca Dhuibhne Inbhuanaithe 2030 involves an artist collaborating with farmers to display the need for diversification from traditional farming practices.

Workers Villages – Local communities have partnered with the Irish Architecture Foundation to explore the changing future for people and creating a more sustainable future.

ACT Waterford is a nationwide project that works with five communities to enhance energy saving, wildlife diversification, increased awareness of public transport and examining consumption habits.

Callan Energy Store – a pop-up energy store in Kilkenny that will form part of a community engagement project, exploring the transformation of the town’s energy supply.

Baint An Aeir – A collaboration between artists and the Irish community to create renewable energy-focused artworks that power local services and raise recognition surrounding energy consumption and energy reduction.

Creative Climate Action Crumlin – A scientific project with Dublin City Council with the community of Crumlin will trigger several climate projects to increase awareness and change lifestyles.

Decarbonising Together – Five Limerick community groups will determine the main areas of decarbonisation and work with a creative partner to drive behavioural changes in their lives.

Stories of Change – a creative roadshow delivering local solutions to climate change through visual displays, photography, storytelling and food.

KinShip Project – engages the public on climate activity via a creative action project located at Tramore Valley Park.

Rising – a specialist arts project that supports communities of the Dublin Docklands in exploring the challenges of climate change, supporting local action and providing a model community change nationwide.

Línte na Farraige – an array of visual light installations planned for six coastal locations within Co. Dublin, Wexford and Galway. Installations consist of illuminated horizontal lines that display future sea levels and storm surges.

Ripple – The project uses a design process to understand how the community of Ballina can recreate their local green areas by using water as a resource and a way to enhance climate resilience.

Work on all Creative Climate Action projects will commence straight away, with a completion date of December 2022. The main objective of Creative Ireland’s Climate Action initiative is providing support for creative and cultural based projects and inspiring communities about the changes needed to manage climate change. The fund focused on collaborative projects that showed meaningful ways of connecting people with the significant changes happening in the environment and society from climate change, using creative and artistic techniques to combine awareness and climate action.